High interest from outside Hawke's Bay region at Stortford Lodge sale

By Rose Harding

Hawke's Bay buyers were almost a minority for big yardings of store cattle, lambs and ewes at Stortford Lodge yesterday.

The increased interest from buyers from Invercargill to Auckland and all points in between for the yardings of almost 700 cattle and more than 6000 lambs kept prices up for a mostly quality offering.

A feature of the sheep sale was the 1353 two-tooth romney-cross ewes from Pihanui Station, Wairoa.

The sheep were being sold because of a change in farming policy. However, some of the lambs were showing the effects of the long hot, dry summer in Hawke's Bay

The cattle were mostly in good order.


Cows: Vic, Cricklewood Station, Wairoa, 37 2½yr ang heifers, av weight, 507kg, 307c/kg, $1560/head; 15 the same, av weight, 451kg, 310c/kg, $1400; Maungataniwha Station, Putere, 20 3/4yr red dev-cross, av weight, 498kg, 217c/kg, $1080/head.
Steers: 3yr, Mahanga Station, Wairoa, 13 fries, av weight, 708kg, 249c/kg, $1770/head; 12 the same, av weight, 555kg, 242c/kg, $1345/head; five here-fries, av weight, 582kg, 254c/kg, $1480/head.

2½yr, P O'Sullivan, Crownthorpe, 44 ang, av weight, 535kg, 293c/kg, $1572/head; T Wilde, Matapiro, 14 here-fries, av weight, 565kg, 258c/kg, $1460/head; Cricklewood Station, Wairoa, 26 ang, av weight, 487kg, 302c/kg, $1475/head; Mahanga Station, Wairoa, 17 fries, av weight, 432kg, 240c/kg, $1040/head; six the same, av weight, 403kg, 223c/kg, $900/head; 20 the same, av weight, 487kg, 231c/kg, $1130/head; 10 here-fries, av weight, 462kg, 211c/kg, $975/head; 26 the same, av weight, 472kg, 260c/kg, $1230/head; 26 the same, av weight, 416kg, 279c/kg, $1162/head. 18mnth, Te Tiki Station, Wairoa, 40 ang, and ang-here, av weight, 421kg, 316c/kg, $1330/head; Brancott Farm, Waiwhare, 26 ang, av weight, 418kg, 314c/kg, $1315/head; 12 the same, av weight, 384kg, 296c/kg, $1140/head; P and W Janssen, Waipukurau, 17 here-fries, av weight, 169kg, 336c/kg, $570/head; 10 here-cross, av weight, 154kg, 359c/kg, $555/head; D and M Maxwell, Cricklewood Rd, 17 ang-here, av weight, 407kg, 295c/kg, $1205/head; Cricklewood Station, Wairoa, 10 here-fries, av weight, 426kg, 281c/kg, $1200/head; 25 the same, av weight, 408kg, 282c/kg, $1150/head; 12 the same, av weight, 374kg, 287c/kg, $1075/head; D Elderkamp, Maharakeke, 11 here-fries, av weight, 304kg, 261c/kg, $795/head; Maungataniwha Station, Putere, three ang-cross, av weight, 271kgm, 261c/kg, $710/head; Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, 26 ang, av weight, 307kg, 332c/kg, $1020/head.
Heifers: 2½yr, H Ross, Raukawa, 14 ang, av weight, 456kg, 270c/kg, $1235/head; Moeangiangi Station, Waikare, 30 ang, av weight, 391kg, 274c/kg, $1075/head; 23 ang and here-fries, av weight, 357kg, 277c/kg, $990/head; Waipoapoa Station, Maraetotara, 30 ang, av weight, 433kg, 267c/kg, $1160/head; 21 ang, av weight, 405kg, 271c/kg, $1100/head; M Pedlow, Wakarara, 23 ang, av weight, 425kg, 272c/kg, $925/head; J and S Paterson, Dartmoor, 13 ang, av weight, 466kg, 276c/kg, $1290/head; 11 the same, av weight, 425kg, 271c/kg, $1155/head; D Matches, Glengarry, nine ang, av weight, 440kg, 275c/kg, $1215/head 10 ang-cross, av weight, 454kg, 270c/kg, $1230/head. 18mnth, Williams Hill, Puketitiri, 19 charo-cross, av weight, 329kg, 280c/kg, $922/head; five the same, av weight, 255kg, 278c/kg, $710/head; Brancott Farm, Waiwhare, 17 ang and ang-here, av weight, 388kg, 278c/kg, $1080/head; A and K Gunson, Glenross, av weight, 139kg, 377c/kg, $525/head; Freethlands, Salisbury Rd, 10 ang, av weight, 369kg, 281c/kg, $1040/head; P and W Janssen, Waipukurau, 15 ang and here-cross, av weight, 160kg, 323c/kg, $520/head; Maungataniwha Station, Putere, seven red dev-cross, av weight, 270kg, 280c/kg, $760/head; P Thompson, Kahuranaki, five ang, av weight, 387kg, 283c/kg, $1095/head.
Bulls: Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, 20 yrling ang, av weight, 280kg, 296c/kg, $830/head; P and W Janssen, Waipukurau, 12 18mnth fries-cross, av weight, 330kg, 263c/kg, $870/head.


Ewes: Pihanui Station, Wairoa, (Cap stock) 150 2th, $143; 395 2th, $142; 281 2th, $130; 132 2th, $116.
Lambs: Tangihau Station, Rere, 387 male, $75; 680 male, $72; 287 male, $68.50; 100 b/f male, $80.50; Shannon Station, Wairoa, 183 ram, $69; 114 ram, $69; Totara Hills Station, Tikokino, 233 b/f c/o, $72.50; 315 b/f ewe, $70.50; 84 b/f m/s, $65; Arohiwi Station, Puketitiri, 319 c/o, $75.20; 248 c/o, $70.50; T and M Kittow, Tikokino, 208 ram, $80; 164 ewe, $73; 94 male, $73; Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, 194 male, $76.50; 259 male, $71; 98 m/s, $69.70; Tukimokihi Station, Wairoa, 290 male, $71; Wharehau Station, Ohuka, 130 ewe, $72; 66 ram, $74; Anewa Station, Wairoa, 140 ram, $72.50; H Pickett, Wairoa, 142 b/f male, $80; 93 b/f ewe, $70.50; D and M Maxwell, Cricklewood Rd, 180 wether, $67.70; 62 wether, $54.50; Mangakuri Station, Elsthorpe, 95 male, $87; 58 ewe, $66.50; M O'Dwyer Trust, Tikokino, 53 male, $69; 125 male, $67.50; 64 male, $60.50; H Ross, Raukawa, 141 ewe, $76; Snowden Farming, Ngatarawa, 71 m/s, $68; 48 m/s, $74.50; C and J Lee, 96 b/f m/s, $87; Glen Innis Station, Wanstead, 115 m/s, $70; 83 m/s, $68; Lone Pine, Te Pohue, 69 ram, $67.50; 110 ewe, $61.50; Allen Farming, Mangleton, 94 c/o, $74.50; 125 c/o, $70.50; 68 c/o, $69; M Litherland, Te Pohue, 52 c/o, $73; 42 ewe, $70; McLeod P/ship, Springhill, 45 ewe, $75.

Prime sale

A big yarding of ewes sold well at Monday's prime sale. Lighter ewes were up by at least $10 as a small number of buyers bid strongly.

The best of a yarding of 115 head of cattle of varying quality sold according to quality.

Good lambs in a small yarding of 107 head also sold well. The rest sold at store value.


Heifers: (Ang, here, here-fries, fries-cross, jersey, jersey-cross) Av weight, 415kg to 655kg, 177c/kg to 271c/kg, $778/head to $1745/head.
Cows: (Dairy-cross, ang, here-cross, jersey) Av weight, 435kg to 666kg, 168c/kg to 194c/kg, $730/head to $1292/head.
Oxen: (Ang, here, fries-cross, fries) Av weight, 480kg to 676kg, 240.5c/kg, 279c/kg, $1214/head to $1833/head.
Bull: (Ang) Weight, 645kg 267c/kg $1065/head.


Ewes: Slipe: heavy, $99; good, $86 to $93.50; med, $70 to $78; lighter, $66; shorn, good, $83 to $94; med, $71 to $75; lighter, $60 to $69.50; light, $44.50.
Lambs: Ewe, $76 to $101.50; m/s, $71 to $105.50; b/f, $78 to $120.

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